Cyber-Security VS Information Technology VS Computer Science

Traver Yates

Southern New Hampshire University

English Composition II

Professor Jessica Cannon

March 16, 2023

In today’s digital age, protecting information and data has become a critical concern for individuals and businesses. Cybersecurity is a field that safeguards electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks, breaches, and theft. With the increasing trust on technology and the internet, cybersecurity has become more critical than ever. This article explores the various reasons cybersecurity is essential, including the challenges of maintaining privacy, securing networks, and ensuring data integrity. It also examines the connection between cybersecurity and computer science, discussing the necessary skills, knowledge, and career opportunities in this exciting and rapidly growing field.
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Why is Cybersecurity Important? It covers all the main topics explaining why cybersecurity is necessary in today’s business world. It includes privacy challenges, securing networks from attacks, ensuring data integrity, and threats on individual, company, and government levels. Skipping, patching, or failing to update security measures can create a larger target for hackers or expand the attack surface, increasing the growing need for cybersecurity professionals now and in the future. For example, the COVID-19 outbreak led to the collection of metadata and personal data, which can be used to track individuals, raising concerns about citizens’ privacy from the government and big businesses. However, the amount of data collected about a person grows exponentially daily. Even simple things like I.O.T. devices that capture heart rates, weight, and location data can be compromised, and this data can be used for privacy and marketing purposes.

Cybersecurity and Computer Science: What’s the Connection? This article examines the connections between cybersecurity and computer science, discussing the requirements for a career in cybersecurity as well as common job positions and subfields. It highlights specific skill sets and knowledge necessary for a cybersecurity professional’s daily tasks. The article also explores the relationship between cybersecurity, computer science, and engineering, outlining the types of jobs that exist in these college degrees and other paths one could take to enter the field of cybersecurity. Finally, the article provides recommendations for non-degree programs that could benefit a student interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

Why is cybersecurity important? Cybersecurity is essential because it protects various forms of data, including personally identifiable information, personal health records, personal information, intellectual property, data, and governmental and industrial information systems. Different scams, such as phishing, ransomware attacks, and malware, are designed to steal data. The increasing risk of daily cybercrime significantly impacts both businesses and individuals. Therefore, companies must educate their staff and the public about these attacks, how to avoid them, and how not to become victims.

The credibility of sources is crucial, particularly for students. When analyzing sources, it’s essential to determine where the data comes from. Is the website professional and relevant to the topic under consideration? This is important because we wouldn’t expect to find a cybersecurity article on a food blog. We scrutinize the source and the author to ensure they are knowledgeable and qualified in the field. Essentially, we want to avoid situations where a chef writes an article about automobiles without formal education or professional experience. Therefore, we look for sources written by professionals in the related field.

For instance, one of my sources is from the CompTIA website, and the author also writes some of their published books and study guides for their online certifications. This connection assures us that the author has the necessary knowledge and experience to write about the topic. Similarly, my articles on “Which is better, computer science or cybersecurity?” and “Why is cybersecurity important?” were published on reputable websites in the I.T. field. Therefore, the author of “Why is cybersecurity important?” is competent, and the website lists a secondary author who reviewed the article and verified the information within. Thus, the sources listed above support my statement that one should choose a cybersecurity career and demonstrate the benefits of cybersecurity over information technology and computer science.

In conclusion, cybersecurity is vital in today’s business world due to the increased risk of cybercrime and the protection of various forms of data, including personal information and intellectual property. Educating businesses and individuals about the different scams and attacks and how to avoid them is essential. Also, it is crucial to investigate the source and author to ensure their knowledge and experience in the related field when analyzing sources. The growing need for cybersecurity professionals highlights the importance of pursuing a career in cybersecurity; a lot is constantly evolving and has various job positions and subfields. With proper education and training, individuals can become valuable assets in the fight against cybercrime and protect sensitive data.


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